Julie Hutslar

AIR's curriculum was created by Julie Hutslar, a communications expert with an incredibly unique skill set.

Julie has a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and a BA in Political Science and Foreign Language and is a Certified Mediator. She is an award-winning artist and author of several personal growth books, including Relationships: Gifts of the Spirit. Julie has been recognized again and again for her exceptional attitude, relationship skills and unique vision.

She has worked with high end producers and broadcasting organizations during her business career.

Her work with SONY, JVC, Sharp, Fuji, Canon and Panasonic led her to Japan, being the only female manager in the industry worldwide. Within this complex industry, she worked with extremely demanding clients such as George Lucas’ and Francis Ford Coppola’s studios, PIXAR, and many other film giants. Examples from outside of the business sector include student delegate to the United Nations, being individually called out to work with a revered Tibetan monk from an audience of thousands and being interviewed by John Gray for his book Venus and Mars in the Workplace.

Julie’s personality, experience and talents lend themselves to solving the unsolvable.

In just seven days of an intensive training program, Julie successfully solved what is known as a koan – an ancient eastern philosophical question that may take devotees a lifetime to solve. She was the only one of hundreds of salespeople to solve another test puzzle used to demonstrate how most minds think only within the box. Julie has shown time and time again that her mind is able to work outside of the confines most restrict themselves to.

Her true passion is giving others tools to better themselves.

She is the founder of a healing modality called Core Belief Restructuring, which assists clients in releasing limiting beliefs they hold about themselves at a non-conscious level. For over two decades Julie has been leading workshops and retreats with the focus of becoming one’s personal best. For the past 18 years Julie has maintained hundreds of personal coaching clients from across the globe. Her personal growth programs have capitalized on many of the very communication tools in our curriculum, allowing Julie to hone in on the best way to get real results. You and your employees will benefit from the vast amount of knowledge and experience Julie has developed over her lifetime by participating in our easy to understand training.

Julie has crafted her skills, experiences and unique perceptions into a straightforward and practical set of steps to achieve a greater understanding of communication and how to use it to your advantage.