Advantage Services

Companies Profit when People Flourish

Relationship-Building Communication Skills Programs

Two-hour to two-day programs geared to develop and enhance communication skills at the core of any thriving organization. more…

Discovery and Inquiry Day

Examining processes, positions, people, the facility and communication to determine why a company, office or facility is not flourishing and productive. more…

Management Unification Day

Creating shared vision, resources and team attitude to build a stronger, more profitable organization considering differing cultures, regions and loyalties (specific to blended organizations through mergers or acquisitions). more…

Teaching for Tenure: Employee Retention Training Program

Create a more respected, consistent and empowering leadership team for a productive, flourishing company with satisfied, tenured employees and operational excellence. more…

Personal Leadership Training

Transform, lead and inspire a company or team with practical tools and enhance your innate talents for effective, profitable results. more…


Programs created for your specific needs whether educational, non-profit, certification courses or classes on increasing desirability in the workplace.

Speaking Engagements

We speak at civic, educational and business events

As an alternative to creating for you, we give extraordinary tools that allow you to create for yourself.