We are blessed with an opportunity to experience first-hand how valuable and impactful communication skills are. The world has been fascinated, insulted, abhorred and motivated by our current US President. Strangely, those are some of the effects a fiery communicator can have. Like fire, they can create the fuel for burning up old beliefs, impassioning others to take action, motivate through attack, and enflame burning embers.

Yet, we have been asking, could those same qualities have been offered in a more mature or professional manner? Can you see a leader inspiring through impassioned action, challenging the status quo, pushing the boundaries of stasis without blame, shame or juvenile acts of bullying?

Perhaps a verbal communicator placed in the cabinet with suggestions on delivery would be an excellent idea. Perhaps a program for Inspiring Leadership would be a great place to start. Everyone seems to have someone like Trump in their family and so appears to be understanding, yet what rifts will be created between our country and others because of an unbridled fiery communicator and an unwillingness to take responsibility for his actions?

My hope is that this administration will activate many people to step up, whatever that means to whomever, to be the action verb, not passively sit back and watch, but participate. Our president is lighting a fire, we can either burn from it or let that fire fuel our own passions.

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