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If I want to book two 2-hour trainings, do I get charged for one half day or two 2 hours?

You would be charged for one half day session, which has a lower total cost.

Can I include managers and employees in the same training?

Yes, but we recommend choosing managers who do not manage the employees present. We can arrange separate sessions so that individuals feel freer to contribute opinions without retribution.

Is Inspiring Leadership only for managers?

It is intended for those who are in a leadership capacity or are preparing to take on a leadership role.

Will there be practical applications for your work so that individuals can see how your concepts can be put to use right now and for their specific problems.

Yes! The two hour training offers role playing to get a practical idea for using the methods taught. Our four hour training allows participants to give real life examples and see how to apply their new skills to these specific situations.

Do you recommend a follow up training?

If you want your team to continue growing, stay flexible, inspired and productive, our recommendation is an annual training. This then becomes something for individuals to look forward to and they know they have a venue for channeling any stagnant problems.

If I have to cancel at the last minute, how can you accommodate our situation?

We will put your payment on credit and reschedule when we are in your area again, doing our best to meet your calendar needs. If we have only 24 hours notice or less, you may be responsible for travel expenses of your trainer.

Where do you do the training?

The client provides the facility. Typically at the business location, but sometimes at a different location to best serve the participants. That can be a vacation-type setting, or any off-site location.

What if we need more training for specific people in our company? What do you offer individuals?

We offer custom training sessions, but generally an individual would be referred to a practitioner who works with clients one on one. We have a database of Core Belief Restructuring practitioners and Maturity Coaches we call upon that assist people in removing limiting beliefs that prevent an individual from living up to their fullest potential.

Do you offer custom training? The programs you list don't seem to fit our exact needs.

Yes! We will consult with you to define your needs, and develop a training program specific to those needs.

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