Teaching for Tenure: Employee Retention Training Program


Objective: Create a more respected, consistent and empowering leadership team for a productive, flourishing company with satisfied, tenured employees and operational excellence.

Your Takeaway:

Unify leadership team, Create identity through shared values, Commit to consistent modeling, Inspire and empower individuals under their leadership creating a program specific to one’s company to increase retention, Build a responsible, more confident employee capable of moving up the ranks.

Step One: Half or Full Day Training with Leadership Team to gain insightful, practical tools and awarenesses to bring a leadership team to the highest level of integrity, communication, motivation and trustworthiness to model the kind of company desired, setting the vision for a growing, thriving and innovative organization. Includes interactive sessions & materials.

Step Two: Half Day Training on Teaching for Tenure Program designed to teach entry level employees basic professionalism, emotional maturity, stress management, handling responsibility and mentoring skills

Duration: Minimum of one day

Who should attend: Leadership teams looking to increase identity, establish higher standards and learn tools for improving consistent leadership attributes overseeing employees in production type, entry level positions

Fee: Varies dependent on size of group and time

Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe