Discovery & Inquiry Day

Examining processes, positions, people, the facility and communication to determine why a company, office or facility is not flourishing and productive.

Objective: Through pre-research, a visit to the physical location and inquiry of employees, uncover breaches in best operating procedures, communication, relations and any unknown factors that contribute to under productivity.

Your Takeaway:

  • Report of Findings with recommendations
  • Identify communication blocks or limitations that prevent smooth operation
  • Benefit from a third parties’ look at Sacred Cows, unspoken dead weight
  • Overview of employee satisfaction, needs, consistency of mission vs. execution
  • Suggestions for best operating procedures, valuing the employee and company alike

Duration: One Day, on location at facility in question

Who should attend: Any organization that desires a swift and effective method for heightening productivity, bringing a team spirit, improving morale and removing obstacles to consistent growth and employee satisfaction.

Fee: $5,800 + travel expenses

Those of us who lead great organizations must become more sophisticated and more efficient when it comes to capitalizing on our people. We must find the best fit possible of people’s strengths and roles we are asking them to play at work. Only then will we be as strong as we should be. Only then will we win. ~ Donald Clifton, Now Discover Your Strengths