Offering relationship-building communication skills to companies in transition and/or those needing a new perspective on how to improve productivity.

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"Julie – thank you so much. In the one day you spent in Jaffrey, you captured such a wealth of valuable and meaningful information, helping shape a clear view of current employee culture and work environment. I am certain your input will help greatly in enabling our leadership team to decide on a path forward, ultimately helping Jaffrey 'flourish' even more."

Bryan Cooper, COO, Lignetics, Denver CO

"When one thinks about communication they think only in terms of the spoken word, but Julie encompasses so much more into communication. The ability to see, feel, listen and trust her inner knowing. All these qualities not only enhance a greater depth of communication, but create incredibly strong, intimate, deep and trusting relationships. Something people are seeking not only in their personal lives, but in business relationships."

Pamela Fagan, Pediatric Dentistry

"Julie is a compassionate team player. I am fortunate to have worked with her and experienced her compassion first hand. I have seen her handle challenging and difficult situations, communicating in such a way that everyone walked away feeling good. She has an uncanny ability to draw out someone's desires and wants, reflect this information back in a loving and caring manner, and help the individual move forward in life. She does all of this while leaving a smile on your face. I have learned a lot from Julie and feel I am a better person by having her in my life."

Pen Russell, Marketec International

“After communicating with Julie I remember my own powerful qualities, get inspired and I always come away with a deeper understanding. I haven't felt this alive in years. I had no reservations going up to people that were way more affluent than I was and simply connecting with them, because I feel I am made from the same universe as them so I could achieve what they have and more because of how creative I am”

Craig Bivins Jr., Kelly Services

"I worked with Julie for 8 years. As my manager, Julie consistently integrated an uncanny awareness regarding personal interaction between myself, my co-workers, and management. When at times, I was without understanding of a situation, Julie could always be counted upon to explain not only personal behavior of all involved, but also the best course of action for me for a positive outcome."

James Strauss, KQED
Slide "I worked with Julie for many years in the ever-changing, fast paced technology industry. She was the conduit of communication and meaningful information that kept that company moving forward. Julie has the wonderful ability to make everyone's ideas and opinions be inclusive in the solution to a difficult challenge." Paul Leland Sharp Electronics Slide

“Julie is a wellspring of inspiration to anyone who is ready to embrace the infinite possibilities within each of us. Whether one is seeking peaceful, kinder, honoring and more loving communication with family, friends, business associates, co-workers or those whose perspectives are far from our own, she has shown me that we each have the ability to access the tools within to shift our perspective. She has made such an impact on my life.”

Deborah Hillen, Law firm of Elasaesser, Jarzabek, Anderson, Elliott & MacDonald

“I wouldn’t have the business success I’ve achieved today or have been able to create my book, Cracking the Producer’s Code, if it weren’t for the guidance and support I’ve received from Julie. A lot of guru’s in the marketplace make it a habit to work from the outside in, Julie does the opposite and works from the inside out. This unique approach garners a completely different and more authentic result. I will incorporate Julie’s work for the rest of my life.”

Chad A Wade, Entrepreneur, Author, "A Producer's Code"

"Before Julie visited our plant we had an extremely high turnover rate. Morale was at its lowest...We just couldn't attract or maintain quality talent... We all thought nothing would be done as we have seen this before, but Julie proved us wrong... She helped this plant get to where it is now with employees taking ownership of their part, morale is going in the right direction. There have been no terminations or resignations, talented employees that resigned are coming back joining the team. We are exceeding our production goals."

Tony Mckoy, Production Manager, Lignetics Virginia

"Julie was able to get to the root cause of some major employee and leadership issues that prompted swift action. I can’t imagine how long we would have struggled to find solutions without Julie’s help. She has a way of getting people to open up and trust her in a way that an insider cannot."

M.Lehn, HR, Lignetics, Denver CO

“Julie not only provided the insight of how I can better connect to my business, but helped me identify leadership blocks that were inhibiting our growth. Running a business, especially for an extended period of time, can sometimes lead to a siloed way of thinking. With Julie’s guidance, I was able to quickly understand what needed refreshing as I worked to become a better leader. Her Leadership Training program provided me with tools that I could instantly use to become a more productive and effective business owner. I highly recommend Julie and her services!”

Sean Elliott, President, Beartooth Products